About us

Since 2013, Ruben Sanchez Dancewear has been crafting high quality professional shoes for tap dancers.

RSDW’s professional tap shoes will help you LOOK, FEEL and most importantly, SOUND your best. Whether you are taking your first beginner steps, practising in the Studio or classes, or pushing your own limits of technical proficiency at a Tap Festival

RSD tap shoes will allow you to discover new sounds, tones and rhythms in our high performance shoes.

We believe tap shoes should not be just shoes with taps; we believe they should give technical excellence, varying tonal qualities and volume variability. 

We offer different levels of fully customisable options to suit the artist’s requirements

          – We believe tap shoes are the instrument for the Artist.

          – We believe tap shoes are a unique and personalised extension of the Artist.

          – We believe tap shoes for the Artist are made by RSDW.